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Payment arrangements

We pay invoices within 20 days from invoice receipt date (where liability has been determined). 

In instances where liability has not been determined, payment of accounts by the Insurance Commission may take longer.

Reimbursements and settlements are paid directly to claimants immediately following invoice certification of receipts.

How to invoice us

When invoicing for services provided to a claimant of the Insurance Commission, it's important providers know the following information to us to ensure prompt and accurate payment. 

Payee details

  • Company/Practice Name.
  • Payee billing address.
  • Payee practice/clinic address - if different to your billing address.
  • ABN.
  • BSB, Account Number and Account Name.
  • Email address – Remittance Advice will be sent to this address.

Client/Patient details

  • First name and last name.
  • Patient's Insurance Commission claim number (if known).
    • Government Insurance (RiskCover) - 2 digits / 5 digits e.g. 14/01234
    • CTP - 6 digits e.g. 123456

Service details

  • Name of health professional /service provider.
  • Multiple providers on the one invoice must be clearly identified and each service listed clearly under each health professional/service provider.
  • Date of service.
  • Time of service if more than one service was provided on the same day.
  • Service Item Code.
  • Service description.
  • Duration of each service.
  • Itemised fee for each service.
  • Service location - if different to the practice/clinic address.
  • Total charge for invoiced items.
  • Services which are subject to GST must be submitted on a GST compliant invoice.

Submitting your invoice

Please send your invoice to the below address.  Please note duplicate accounts, such as statements, photocopies or facsimiles will not be processed for payment.


  • Email address:
  • Attachments must be PDF format;
  • Attachments must be Invoices ONLY - no reports or correspondence.
  • The Tax Invoice must provide the Insurance Commission's Claim reference, your Tax Invoice reference and the Patient/Claimant name;
  • Each claimant requires a separate invoice, as claims are managed by independent claims officers;
  • Each invoice is to be a separate attachment;
  • You can attach multiple invoices as separate attachments to one email;
  • Do not add content to the email as the email is discarded, similar to an envelope; 
  • Do not password protect PDF attachments; and
  • Do not send Statements.

Rates and fees

The Insurance Commission aligns with the WorkCover WA or the Australian Medical Association rates for medical and allied health services.

The Insurance Commission does not pay handling fees, administration fees or report typing fees.


Motor Injury Insurance and Catastrophic Injuries Support Scheme

Insurance Commission of Western Australia
GPO Box L920
PERTH Western Australia 6845

Government Insurance (RiskCover)

Insurance Commission of Western Australia
GPO Box K837
PERTH Western Australia 6845

Page Last Updated 16 Jan 2020


CTP Service Provider

Use this Login if you are a service provider to the Insurance Commission and wish to check the status or details of your account.

CTP Service Provider Login

Legal Panel Provider

Use this Login if you are a legal provider to the Insurance Commission and wish to check the status or details of your account.

Legal Panel Login

Self Insurance Risk Declaration (SIRD)

Use this Login if you are completing your annual self insurance risk declaration.

SIRD Login

WA Government Agency

Use this Login if you are a WA Government agency, part of the RiskCover Fund and registered for online services.

Agency Login