Care Technology

Person in wheelchair being hoisted from chair.

Technology is constantly changing and it is important for the Insurance Commission to be able to respond when new technologies emerge, and become affordable and reliable. There may be opportunities to incorporate new technologies that are necessary and reasonable into care and support plans for Catastrophic Injuries Support (CIS) scheme clients.

We welcome discussions with people and companies that are working on innovative technologies that may assist CIS scheme clients.

Care Technology Projects

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Market Scan

In 2017, the Insurance Commission engaged the University of Western Australia Business School to investigate technologies that can improve the independence of clients with catastrophic injuries.

The review is being undertaken by Associate Professor Michael Rosenberg.

The Insurance Commission spends over $3.8 million per year for carers to assist people injured in motor vehicle crashes with their toileting needs.

    Technology and service delivery approaches that can reduce the number of carers or not require carers at all, would:

    • increase the independence of the individual; and
    • lower the amount and cost of care required.

    In 2018, the Insurance Commission partnered with the Brightwater Care Group to explore the use of assistive technologies in toileting to improve independence and reduce the cost of care for people with a brain injury.