Risk Management and Business Continuity

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Risk Management and Business Continuity

All public sector bodies should manage the risks associated with the activities performed by their organisation. This involves prudently conducting risk assessment processes to identify the risks facing organisations, being able to demonstrate the management of risks and having continuity plans to ensure they can respond to and recover from any business disruption.

Public sector bodies should ensure policies and continuity plans are maintained to ensure they are up to date with the activities performed by their organisation.

Risk management is essential to the optimal operation of the public sector, as articulated in Treasurer’s Instructions 825 Risk Management and Security.

Planning for major risks, such as natural disasters, terrorism and health pandemics among others are matters of good corporate governance aimed at ensuring that the public sector and the community are well prepared for emergencies of any kind.

Risk management consultancy services can be sourced via the Department of Finance’s Common Use Arrangement 23706 – Audit Services and Financial Advice.

M C Wauchope, Public Sector Commissioner

The Public Sector Commissioner's Circular 2015-03 Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning provides guidance on agency responsibilities.

Risk Management Guidelines

We have developed Risk Management Guidelines to assist agencies.  In addition we also provide some samples of risk management documents to support the Guidelines.

Sample documents

Business Continuity Guidelines

In addition to Risk Management, we have also developed Business Continuity Guidelines and some supporting documents to assist agencies.

Sample documents

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