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The Insurance Commission is the sole Compulsory Third Party Insurer for motor vehicle personal injuries in Western Australia.

Our RiskCover Division manages the self-insurance and risk management arrangements of Western Australian public authorities.    Read More

Phone +61 (8) 9264 3333 or
1800 643 338
Post GPO Box U1908
Perth WA 6845
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26 November 2015 - Sale of Retail Property Portfolio.

Did You Know?
WA has the most affordable CTP motor vehicle injury insurance in Australia and New Zealand according to leading actuarial and insurance consultants Finity.

Class 1 Metro Premium as percentage of AWE

CTP Premium at July 2014 ($) 529 487 337 476 291 338 531 614 331
Affordability Index (%) 47 45 31 45 22 35 43 46 44
Source: August 2014 edition of CTP News d'finitive
No fault Catastrophic CTP Insurance

No-fault CTP catastrophic injury insurance scheme to start from 1 July 2016.

The State Government announced the introduction of the Scheme as part of the 2015-16 State Budget.

All people catastrophically injured in crashes from 1 July 2016 will be covered for their care. People will pay for no-fault insurance when their vehicle is registered after 1 July 2016. Strong public support for the Scheme has been received in public submissions, which is detailed in the Consultation Report.

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