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The Insurance Commission is the sole Compulsory Third Party Insurer for motor vehicle personal injuries in Western Australia.

Our RiskCover Division manages the self-insurance and risk management arrangements of Western Australian public authorities.    Read More

Phone +61 (8) 9264 3333 or
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07 April 2015 ICWA to Divest Direct Property Assets

Did You Know?
WA has the most affordable CTP motor vehicle injury insurance in Australia and New Zealand according to leading actuarial and insurance consultants Finity.

CTP Graph

CTP Premium at Jul 13 524 474 328 408 255 344 511 579 335
Affordability Index 47% 45% 30% 42% 20% 37% 41% 42% 45%
Source: From March 2014 edition of CTP News d'finitive considering premium affordability only
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Options to add no-fault catastrophic injury cover to Western Australia's Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance Scheme.

The State Government released the CTP Green Paper for community consultation on the possible introduction of a no-fault catastrophic CTP personal injury insurance scheme.

The purpose of the Green Paper was to inform the community and seek feedback on the merits, costs and options for adding this additional insurance cover to the State's existing CTP insurance scheme for people catastrophically injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

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