Assessing Your Claim

Man with head bandage talking on mobile.

We assess claims by reviewing information provided by the claimant and others about the crash and resultant injuries. For example, we review:

  • Online Crash Reporting form details and witness statements;
  • your claim form;
  • medical and specialist reports about your injuries;
  • copies of invoices for post-crash rehabilitation and support; and
  • evidence of your pre-crash wages for compensation for inability to work.

We will endeavour to establish who is at fault in your crash within 25 days from the date of lodgement.

We will advise you if we have accepted your claim. If we partially accept or do not accept your claim, we will explain our decision.

On some occasions, we will not be able to assess your claim within 25 days. This may be because our investigations are ongoing or we are still waiting on information from you. If this occurs, we may explain your claim is proceeding on a ‘without prejudice and without admission of liability’ basis. This means that further investigations are required before the claim can be accepted, and that you and the Insurance Commission continue to retain all rights and privileges.


It is a criminal offence to provide false or misleading statements and information on an insurance claim.

People who make false insurance claims or exaggerate the extent of injuries on their claims defraud the Insurance Commission and increase the cost of insurance for all Western Australian motorists.