Finalising Your Claim

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Some people may recover from their injuries within weeks or months and their claim can be finalised quickly.

Those with more serious injuries. requiring extensive treatment and/or rehabilitation. may take longer before their claim can be finalised.

We will contact you at a time when we believe your claim can be finalised. Alternatively, you’re welcome to contact us at any time to seek to finalise your claim.

Finalisation of your claim means you’ve reached an agreement with the Insurance Commission on a settlement offer. Settlement payments are generally paid as a one-off lump sum. Periodic payment arrangements are also available in some circumstances where there’s long term disability and/or uncertainty about ongoing treatment, care and support requirements.

If we have made payments to you or service providers used by you during the claims process, we will need to deduct those payments from your settlement offer. Deductions will be made for any benefits you receive from Centrelink, Medicare or your private health insurance in relation to the crash.