Finalising your claim

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We may provide you with compensation in a settlement offer following receipt of a medical report confirming you have recovered or your injuries have stabilised. Refer to What can you claim?  You can discuss the settlement offer with us.

Generally, compensation payments are paid as a one-off lump sum. Receiving a lump sum payment provides the flexibility to self-direct those funds to the care and support you, your family or a trustee determines is right for you.

If you are catastrophically injured and are unable to establish fault against a third party in the crash, you may be entitled to receive lifetime care and support paid on an as you go basis as part of the expansion of motor injury insurance from 1 July 2016. 

If we have made payments to you or to service providers used by you, or if you have received benefits through Centrelink, Medicare or private health insurance related to your crash, we may need to deduct those payments from your settlement offer.

Your claim will not be finalised if it is below the threshold or if there is no entitlement to an allowance for future medical treatment.

If your injuries recur and you wish to seek further medical treatment, please inform us so we can establish the treatment is for injuries sustained in your crash.

Page Last Updated 17 Mar 2016