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We provide cover for former Police Officers and Aboriginal Police Liaison Officers who had sustained a work related injury or disease and have left Western Australia Police.


Under the Police (Medical and Other Expenses for Former Officers) Act 2008, former Police Officers and Aboriginal Police Liaison Officers who have sustained a work related injury or disease and have left Western Australia Police, are entitled to post-separation medical and other expenses benefits. 

The Western Australia Police Commissioner is liable for medical and other expenses incurred, and appointed the Insurance Commission to manage claims on behalf of Western Australia Police.

Policy Information

You are not entitled to claim benefits under this scheme if you have previously received compensation for medical and other expenses related to the same injury or disease. This includes compensation received through a common law action, motor vehicle third party insurance, an act of grace payment and criminal injury compensation.

Medical and other expenses can be claimed, where they are necessary and reasonable, including:

General practicioner and medical specialists General Practitioners/ medical specialists

We pay for visits to your medical practitioner and specialist.

Hospital expenses Hospital expenses

We pay for required treatment and accommodation at a hospital as prescribed by your medical practitioner.

Ambulance services Ambulance services

We pay for emergency transport from an accident scene to the hospital, and where required, from one hospital to another.

Allied Health Services Allied health services

We pay for required therapy services such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, podiatry, hydrotherapy, osteopathy, occupational therapy and psychology.

Medical Investigations Medical investigations

We pay for pathology, radiology and imaging services required to diagnose and manage your injuries.

Medication Medication

We pay for medicine prescribed by your medical practitioner and provided by a pharmacist.

Dental Dental

We pay for your teeth to be restored if they were damaged in the accident.

Equipment Medical Aids Equipment medical aids

We pay for the hire or purchase of equipment that your health medical practitioner recommends for your injury management, such as a wheelchair and crutches.

Travel Travel

We pay reasonable costs associated with travelling to and from appointments.

Consideration will be given for other types of treatment but will usually require a referral from a medical practitioner or specialist. Travel costs to and from appointments can be claimed where a Reimbursement of Travel Expenses Form and evidence of the travel has been provided to the Insurance Commission.

The maximum amounts claimable are prescribed by WorkCover and indexed annually. Western Australia Police and the Insurance Commission can advise you on maximum entitlements.

Depending on the service provider's billing practices you may be required to pay for medical services up front, and then claim it back from the Insurance Commission. Once your claim has been accepted, service providers can send their accounts directly to the Insurance Commission for payment. To avoid delays in payment, original accounts and receipts are required.

Claims Process

To make a former Police Officers’ medical claim, you must have sustained a work related injury or disease during service and left Western Australia Police after 1 July 2007.

You must complete a Claim Form and submit it to the Western Australia Police as soon as possible.  Part 1 of the Form is to be completed by the former officer. Part 2 of the Form will be completed by Western Australia Police.

You will also need to submit a Medical Certificate from your treating medical practitioner with your Claim Form. 

Western Australia Police then completes the Claim Form and submits to the Insurance Commission, together with medical certificates, accounts, witness statements (if applicable) and any other relevant information. The Insurance Commission will assess the claim and make a decision on liability.

You may be required to submit further information and be examined by a medical practitioner.

If your symptoms of your injury or disease recur and you have an accepted claim, please report the recurrence immediately to Western Australia Police, obtain a current medical certification from a medical practitioner and complete a Recurrence of Disability Form.

The contact details for Western Australia Police are:

Health and Safety Division
Western Australia Police
Westralia Square
Level 13, 141 St Georges Terrace

Phone: +61 (8) 6229 5615
Fax: +61 (8) 6229 5044

If you have an existing claim and want to discuss the claim and the payments of accounts, please contact the Insurance Commission.

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