Motor Vehicle Damage

What is covered?
Two drivers arguing after traffic accident

RiskCover provides cover for loss of or damage occurring in Australia, to any registered vehicle:

  • belonging to an agency;
  • hired, leased, or borrowed by an agency; or
  • in the care, custody or control of an agency.

RiskCover also provides coverage for an agency’s legal liability arising from the use of a motor vehicle. This includes damage to vehicles and other property of third parties through the fault of the driver of the government vehicle.

RiskCover provides cover for property loss, damage or liability when employees are required to use their personal vehicle for official business activities with consent from their agency.

Please see the Product Disclosure Statement and the fact sheets  for more information on motor vehicle cover. To lodge a motor vehicle property damage claim, visit the Make a Claim page. Claims for injury caused in a motor vehicle accident should be reported and made separately.

Page Last Updated 21 Jan 2016