Stakeholder Feedback Policy

Service Commitment and Feedback

Stakeholder Feedback Policy


The Insurance Commission of Western Australia (Insurance Commission) is committed to providing its stakeholders with a high standard of service based on the principles of communication, responsiveness, respect, accountability and continuous improvement.

This document explains how stakeholder feedback is collected, responded to, and managed in the Insurance Commission. The document also details the complaint handling process in line with the Australian Standard AS 10002:2014 Guidelines for Complaint Management in Organisations.

This policy is available to download: Stakeholder Feedback Policy PDF, 211.13 KB.


The purpose of our Stakeholder Feedback Policy is to:

  • provide an efficient and accessible mechanism for stakeholders to provide feedback on Insurance Commission services;
  • document the process for the resolution of complaints received;
  • provide information to stakeholders on the feedback process; and
  • demonstrate the Insurance Commission’s commitment to continuous improvement to the quality of its products and services.

Claimant means a person or organisation that has a claim with the Insurance Commission.

Complaint means an expression of dissatisfaction made to or about the Insurance Commission, related to its products, services or staff.

Complainant means the person or organisation making the complaint.

Compliment means praise made to or about the Insurance Commission, related to its products, services or staff.

Client/Customer means a person or organisation receiving services from the Insurance Commission.

Feedback is opinions, comments, and expressions of interest or concern, made directly or indirectly, explicitly or implicitly to or about the organisation, its products, services, staff or its handling of a complaint, compliment or other feedback.

Stakeholder means a person or organisation who is a customer, claimant, service provider, supplier, shareholder, community member or anyone impacted by, or interested in, the services provided by the Insurance Commission.

Providing feedback

Stakeholders can provide feedback to the Insurance Commission:


Via our ‘Contact Us’ page:

In person

Insurance Commission of Western Australia, Level 13, Forrest Centre,
221 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000


+61 (8) 9264 3333 (local call) or 1800 643 338 (toll-free outside the Perth metropolitan area)


Insurance Commission of Western Australia, GPO Box U1908, Perth WA 6845



Insurance Commission staff only on behalf of stakeholders.

Feedback lodged through the Insurance Commission website and intranet is automatically captured into feedback management software.

For feedback made in person, by telephone, letter or email, Insurance Commission staff need to complete a Feedback Form on the intranet, on behalf of the stakeholder.

Where feedback is provided in person, we respect the stakeholder may wish to provide the feedback in a private area where they may feel more comfortable.

If it is difficult for a stakeholder to personally provide feedback, it can be made on their behalf by another person.

Feedback is best made to the member of staff with whom the stakeholder has been dealing. The stakeholder can also be directed to a supervisor, manager or the Commission Secretary if they prefer not to provide feedback to their main contact.

The Insurance Commission does not apply a fee or charge for providing feedback.

This Policy is promoted through:

Assistance with providing feedback

Our staff will assist people who may have difficulty providing feedback. For example, interpreters can be provided to assist people with limited English, people with disabilities or people who cannot access the internet. Our staff can also assist those with limited literacy skills by confirming the details of the feedback verbally.

Responding to feedback

If a stakeholder provides feedback, we will:

  • acknowledge receipt of the feedback; and
  • if the feedback is a complaint;
    • attempt to resolve it at the first point of contact, where possible;
    • if the complaint isn’t resolved, lodge the complaint via the Feedback Form on the intranet;
    • the complaint will be allocated to a Divisional Manager to resolve;
    • where a complaint is not fully understood, contact the stakeholder who made the complaint to ensure the issues are correctly understood; and
    • aim to resolve the complaint in a timely manner and issue a response.
  • If the feedback is a compliment;
    • acknowledge the compliment at the first point of contact or issue a response to the compliment; and
    • lodge the compliment through the Feedback form on the intranet.

We recognise that not all complaints can be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant. If we cannot resolve the complaint, we will inform the complainant and identify other pathways for further information and resolution.

If feedback cannot be resolved by the Insurance Commission, stakeholders may be referred to the Ombudsman Western Australia: or telephone (08) 9220 7555 or 1800 117 000 (toll free for country callers).

Managing feedback

Feedback is recorded and categorised in the Insurance Commission’s feedback management software.

Feedback is analysed and reported to the Executive Committee and the Audit and Risk Committee on a regular basis and every three months to the State Government. The Insurance Commission also routinely uses customer satisfaction surveys and incorporates the feedback into business improvement.

Access to feedback records is restricted to authorised staff.

Further information

Please direct enquiries about the Stakeholder Feedback Policy to:

Commission Secretary

Insurance Commission of Western Australia

Level 13, Forrest Centre

221 St Georges Terrace

Perth WA 6000

Postal Address:

Insurance Commission of Western Australia

GPO Box U1908

Perth WA 6845

Telephone:    +61 (8) 9264 3333 (local call) or 1800 643 338 (toll-free outside the
Perth metropolitan area)



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