Overseas Emergency Travel Assistance

Government Insurance

One of the benefits of your agency's travel cover is that when your staff travel overseas on official agency business they have access to the services of International SOS.

With facilities in more than 70 countries, their global network includes 27 assistance centres staffed by medical professionals and security experts, allowing International SOS to provide assistance to travellers anywhere in the world, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

If you require assistance while you are travelling overseas contact International SOS on +61 2 9025 2886.

You will need to advise the operator:

  • The Insurance Commission of Western Australia's membership number 12ACPA000041.
  • The name of the agency you work for.
  • Your first and last name.
  • Phone number/email where you can be reached.
Before you go

Visit the International SOS website before your departure.  Log in using the membership number 12ACPA000041.  

You can view up to date medical and security information about your destination country as well as subscribing to receive email alerts.  

The website will also provide you with vaccination and medical information, hygiene, quality and level of local healthcare, precautions to take etc.  You will also be able to view security information such as areas to avoid, recommended behaviour, types of risks, local customs, currency and telecommunications.

Download the International SOS Assistance App on your smartphone

Use the International SOS Assistance App before and during your trip for:

  • Easy access to your local Assistance Centre, in an emergency and for every day advice.
  • Expert medical, security and travel assistance.
  • Receive the latest information about your destination.

To download the app, visit app.internationalsos.com from your smart phone's browser.

Connect to the International SOS Information Portal

Access detailed information on more than 200 countries and 300 cities:

  • Evaluation and analysis of health, travel and security risks.
  • Daily updates on travel security, disruptive incidents and situational developments.
  • Travel guides and cultural tips.
  • Subscription to proactive email alerts.

Log in to the https://www.internationalsos.com/ using the membership number 12ACPA000041.

While you are overseas

While you are overseas International SOS can provide medical and emergency advice, referral to doctors and specialists as well as coordination of treatment with the treating practitioner.  You are also guaranteed payment of medical expenses provided for in your health insurance contract.

International SOS will also provide security information and emergency advice.  They will provide assistance in the event a passport or other official document is lost or stolen.

You will be alerted by email in the event of a health risk or in the event a situation develops or deteriorates in the country in which you are travelling, assuming you have registered before you travel.

In the event of a medical or security emergency

In the event of a medical or security emergency contact International SOS immediately on +61 2 9025 2886.

They will provide you with emergency medical evacuation/repatriation.  Transportation in the event of death and assistance with legal formalities and provide hospital follow-up and control of healthcare expenses.  

International SOS will provide recommendations in the event of an emergency or critical event.

Page Last Updated 20 Nov 2018