What is covered?

Fiona Stanley Hospital

WA Government agencies contributing to the RiskCover Fund are provided with financial protection through self-insurance and reinsurance cover that is designed to meet the diverse needs of the public sector that includes hospitals, schools, art galleries, museums, prisons etc. 

The cover is designed to protect agencies against the risk of injuries to employees, damage to property and legal liability arising from the wide range of activities and services delivered to the community.

There are general limitation that apply to all agencies and additional limitations that apply to non-inner budget sector agencies.

Cover, conditions, limitations and exclusions are shown in:

  • the Cover Document and RiskCover Fund Guidelines;
  • the agency's Certificate of Cover;
  • variation of cover (where applicable); and
  • special cover (where applicable).

View these documents via the secure agency login.  Please contact your Insurance Advisory Officer for access, if required.

Further information can also be found in our Product Overviews and frequently asked questions.