Regional Safety Award

Cory Payne holding the winning cheque for the Regional Safety Award 2017.

The Insurance Commission sponsors the Regional Safety Award at the WA Regional Achievement and Community Awards to promote safe road practices in regional communities. This award encourages fewer and less serious injuries from motor vehicle crashes, leading to fewer insurance claims incurring lower costs.

See Regional Achievement and Community Awards to nominate for the Regional Safety Award.

Previous winners of the Regional Safety Award

Year NameInitiative


Cory Payne holding a cheque 

Cory Payne

Cory was critically injured in 2014 and spent over three months in hospital. His rehabilitation involved re-learning how to talk and walk.  Cory now educates young people about the importance of road safety and the risk of fatigue while driving.


Greg Hayes, Road Safety Advisor from the Kimberley RoadWise Committee holding a cheque 

Kimberley RoadWise Committee

The Kimberly RoadWise Committee initiated the ‘Horns and Hooves on the Highway’ road safety campaign. The campaign raised awareness of the risk of animals straying onto country roads and causing injury. Each year over 200 cattle strikes occur on Kimberley roads, many of which cause injuries to motorists.


Teachers from East Narrogin Primary school holding a cheque

East Narrogin Primary School

East Narrogin Primary School embedded a whole of school approach to road safety in its curriculum. The school actively provides education and road safety support for teachers, parents and children. Initiatives include a ‘Road Aware Kids program’ for 4 to 15 year olds, newsletter tips on pedestrian and road safety, child car seat program, online resources, road safety posters for display at community events.