Insurance Commission of Western Australia
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Motor Injury Insurance (MII)

WA Hospitals, St Johns Ambulance and legal panel service providers can check on the status of their invoice. If you are a MII service provider, you can request access to the invoice system by completing the request internet access form.

Government Insurance

WA Government agencies can make a claim and complete their annual self-insurance risk declaration online.

WA Hospitals and St Johns Ambulance

WA Hospitals and St Johns Ambulance can use this Online Service to check the status of accounts, search crash numbers, view payments and update provider details.

Legal Panel Provider

Use this Login if you are a legal provider to the Insurance Commission and wish to check the status or details of your account.

Self Insurance Risk Declaration (SIRD)

Use this Login if you are completing your annual self insurance risk declaration.

WA Government Agency - eClaims

Use this Login if you are a WA Government agency, part of the RiskCover Fund and registered for online services.

Page Last Updated 23 Jan 2023