What Can You Claim?

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The Insurance Commission pays for medical treatment, rehabilitation, compensation for the inability to work and other expenses to help get your life back on track after a crash.

We pay reasonable and necessary expenses up to the maximum amounts set out in the Australian Medical Association recommended rates for medical services, medical treatment and diagnostic imaging, and up to the WorkCover WA scale of fees for treatments provided by allied health providers. Please check with your treatment provider as there may be a gap payment payable by you.

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Ambulance Services
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We pay for emergency transport from the crash to the hospital.

Hospital Services
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We pay for emergency treatment at a public or private hospital.

Nursing Services
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We can pay for home visits after you are discharged from hospital.

Medical Services
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We can pay for visits to your doctor and specialist, and related pathology tests.

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We can pay for medical imaging such as X-ray, CT/CAT scans, MRI and ultrasound.

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We can pay for medicine prescribed by your doctor and provided by a pharmacist.

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We can pay for equipment hire or purchase that your health professional recommends for your injuries such as crutches.

Dental Services
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We can pay for your teeth to be restored if they were damaged in the crash.

Medical Aids
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We can pay for the repair or replacement of aids damaged in the crash like glasses, hearing aids, mobility aids or dentures.

Rehabilitation Services
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We can pay for necessary rehabilitation services such as working with a physiotherapist on a return to work program.

Therapy Services
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We can pay for required therapy services such as physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic, podiatry, optometry, osteopathy and psychology.

Household Support Services
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We can pay for housekeeping and gardening while you recover.

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We can pay for the cost of travelling to and from your medical and other appointments.

Compensation for the Inability to Work
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We can pay compensation if your injuries impact your ability to work. Payments are your wages restricted to a maximum of three times the full-time average weekly earnings in WA. Interim payments can be made to avoid unnecessary hardship.

Pain and Suffering
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We can pay compensation for pain and suffering (and other general damages) arising from the crash, including compensation for loss of amenities of life, loss of enjoyment of life, curtailment of life expectation, and bodily or mental harm.

Your injuries need to be assessed at a certain level for these payments to be made. For example as at 1 July 2019, claims for general damages have to exceed $22,000 and the maximum amount payable is $425,000.


The amount you can claim may be reduced if you:

  • were not wearing a seatbelt;
  • were not wearing a helmet while riding a motorbike, scooter or bicycle;
  • were riding unrestrained in an open-top vehicle;
  • were partly responsible for the crash; or
  • your driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.