Don’t become a festive season statistic, warns the Insurance Commission

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Don’t become a festive season statistic, warns the Insurance Commission

21 December 2018

In the last five years, a crash over Christmas and New Year ruined the festivities for 1,128 families across Western Australia.

Insurance Commission crash data* shows that Christmas Eve was the worst day for accidents during the festive season with 29 crashes reported on average, followed by 27 December (25) and New Year’s Eve (24). The fewest crashes occurred on New Year’s Day (19), then Christmas Day and 29 December (20).

In the same period, almost 300 people injured in festive season crashes made a claim with the Insurance Commission. Tragically, 23 of those crashes involved fatalities.

Kane Blackman, Commission Secretary at the Insurance Commission, says: “We acknowledge that drivers may be in a rush to get the last present and unwind at the end of the year. However, stay focused while driving, particularly when you may be behind the wheel for longer than you’re used to.

“All road users should slow down, belt up and be mindful of the ‘Three Ds’, which are Drowsy, Distracted and Drink driving.”

Drowsy driving

Driver fatigue is an issue over the festive period as many drivers spend longer behind the wheel than they are used to. On a long journey, stop every two hours for a break, and share the driving, if possible.

Distracted driving

Increasingly, driver distraction and inattention is a factor in road accidents with mobile phones just one of the components for driver distraction.

Switch off your phone or, if it supports it, put it in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. And, if you’re travelling with kids, pack plenty to keep them entertained.

Drink and drug driving

Alcohol affects people differently, so if you drive, don’t drink, and if you drink, don’t drive. The same applies to driving under the influence of drugs.

Be mindful of the ‘morning after effect’ too, as you could still be over the limit in the morning following a heavy night.

* View the crash and injury insurance claim data

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