University Research Program

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The Insurance Commission partners with WA universities, where students of the Masters of Business Administration and other courses, can tackle real-world problems for the Insurance Commission while gaining practical management and business experience.

Year StudentProject
2019Tanya MuzvidziwaName: Tanya Muzvidziwa

Qualification: Masters of Business Administration

University: Murdoch University

Abbreviated Injury Scale Review:

  • The project reviewed the purposes, strengths and weaknesses of the Insurance Commission's injury coding model. This includes comparisons with injury coding models used by equivalent organisations.
  • Information from the review will support assessments of possible enhancements to the Insurance Commission's injury coding approach.

Adriel Knowling

Name: Adriel Knowling

Qualification: Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business

University: Murdoch University

Complaint Management and Training

  • The Insurance Commission values the feedback it receives from its customers, claimants and stakeholders, and views each piece of feedback as an opportunity for continuous improvement.
  • This project reviewed our current complaints approach, identified opportunities for improvement and resulted in the development of a training presentation for staff.

Dianne Terte

Name: Diane Terte

Qualification: Masters of Business Administration

University: Murdoch University

Legal Services Business Model

  • The Insurance Commission spends on average $12 million per year on external legal services for its insurance operations.
  • The study evaluated alternative business models and structures to deliver legal services for the organisation.