How to Claim

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Report the Crash and Injury Online

If you have been injured in a crash, report the crash and injury to us via the Online Crash Reporting Facility.

If your injury is minor (e.g. you require minimal treatment) and was caused by the fault of another driver, we can pay your treatment costs, and loss of earnings if you were off work for a few days.

Minor claims can usually be processed quickly. We will provide you with a crash reference number to give to your doctor or treatment provider, so they can send their invoices directly to us. You can also send receipts for treatment to us for reimbursement at (write the reference number and your full name in the subject line).

Serious Injuries

If your injuries are serious and require ongoing treatment, we will send you a Notice of Intention to Claim form and a Medical Authority form. Once these are completed, we will assess your claim and advise the outcome.

If your claim is accepted, we can pay your treatment costs and loss of earnings if you were off work. You may also be eligible for compensation for future medical treatment, loss of earnings and pain and suffering.

If you or someone you know has suffered a catastrophic injury (acquired brain injury, spinal injury, blindness, multiple amputations and severe burns), please report this to us irrespective of who caused the crash.

Do I need a lawyer to lodge a motor injury claim?

You don’t need a lawyer to make a motor injury claim. Less than 1% of claims are settled in court.

You have the right to appoint a lawyer to assist you with your claim at your own cost. The lawyer may seek a portion of your compensation to pay for their services.

We encourage you to try and settle the claim directly with us to avoid unneccessary delays and the complications and cost of involving a third party.